Katrina Zeljak Registered Play Therapist, Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT

"Play is the ultimate creative act, and it is in acting creatively that we discover
ourselves and one another." - Dr. Timothy Dukes

Children (and adults) can easily have their nervous system activated whether it be by a dental procedure, bullying at school, a fender bender, or a more serious event such as witnessing violence, or grieving a loved one, etc.  They then  can become reactive to smaller triggers that essentially set off a false alarm in their nervous system.
Play has been shown scientifically to re-wire and re-regulate this oversensitized system, that is characterized by neuro-plasticity.  As children re-enact a traumatic event through play in the presence of safety and connection, they are able to experience the benefits of neuroplasticity: re-wiring neurons, allowing them to integrate into the brain structure rather than remain frightening.