Children’s Bill of Rights Whose Parents Have Separated

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Children Have the Right to:

  • Not be asked to “choose sides” between parents
  • Not be told the details of what is going on between the parents
  • Not be told “bad things” about the other parent
  • Not be cross-examined by one parent after spending time with the other parent
  • Not be asked to be a messenger from one parent to the other
  • Privacy when talking to either parent on the telephone
  • Not be used as a confidant by either parent
  • Express feelings, whatever the feelings may be
  • Choose to express their feelings or not
  • Protection from parental warfare
  • Not be told the details of legal proceedings
  • Not be told more than is necessary regarding financial matters
  • Not be made to feel guilty for loving both parents
  • Be Reassured the divorce is not their fault

“Hope For Our Children,” Toni Erickson, LCSW, Boulder CO